We are the solution in Photovoltaic energy conductor cables.

Reicon Condutores Elétricos Ltda. Founded in 2016, it became the first Brazilian company 100% specialized in cables for use in photovoltaic systems.

With factories located in Sorocaba/SP and Extrema/MG, we have a large production capacity, using only excellent raw materials.

Reicon is certified for its Quality Management System (ISO-9001), as well as for its photovoltaic cables, by TÜV Rheinland do Brasil.

Our REISOLAR® line photovoltaic cables are a reference in the Brazilian market, and soon, in the international market as well.

why buy with us

We have the right products for your projects and customers


We adapt our product to the smallest details that our customers need.


Our team is specialized and knows how to answer all the doubts and needs that the industry needs.


is applied  high technology in the manufacture of our cables, on demand for each customer and their needs.


Reicon Quality Policy

Electrical Conductors

REICON, through its Board of Directors and together with its employees

have as main focus, the following concepts:


Manufacture of products in accordance with applicable specifications;


Continuous improvement of the processes that make up its Quality Management System;


Meeting the expectations of your customers.